Khamis, 6 Januari 2011

Save Our Subang Ria Park

Meeting with Menteri Besar on 8th Jan,11(Saturday) at 2:30 pm at SS15 dewan (Next to Market)

To all Friends of Subang Ria Park  *** Pls forward this msg to all your Friends in SJ, BS, USJ)
Pls attend a Town hall meeting with MB on 8th Jan, 11(Saturday) at 2:30 pm at SS15 Hall (Next to Market).

We need to fill up the hall to send a strong message to MB to act to preserve the park.

We have to convey a very strong message that we need to preserve Subang RIA Park for the following reasons below.
Facts which many of you must be made aware of: 

1.     This is the ONLY town park for Subang Jaya, Bandar Sunway and USJ. All other townships have their own town park’s which are well maintained e.g. Tun Ismail town Park.

2.      We were told in all the sales brochures that there is a 76.6 acres town park accessible to all house buyers.  One generation of children enjoyed the use of full park facilities in the 80’s, and 90’s. One generation of children have lost out and all future generations will loose if we allow any non recreational development on our Town Park.

3.      We had all the town park facilities in the 80’s and 90’s which were deliberately destroyed by SIME in a sinister plan to force the residents to agree to them developing commercially on the town park. They have been trying to cheat the residents of our town park since 1997. Once their land bank was used up for houses they want to sell our town park too. Sime has sold playgrounds in SS14, SS15 and even built the North tower of SDMC on the car park to our Subang Ria Park (for those who remember).

4.      In 1988 the land title was transferred to Sime-UEP with a condition that the land should be solely for recreational use only. We now know that this transfer was a mistake as mentioned my Selangor Town and Country planning department director Datin Paduka Dr Halimation Saadiah Hashim.

5.       Pls note the following figures and you will realise that we will have only water and a jogging track left once the development is completed. Do not fall in Simes trap of a Win-Win situation. There is NO win-win for residents. It will be major LOSE-LOSE for residents if they allow even 1 inch to be converted for commercial development. Look at the facts below(in acres).

Total  area


1) Development  proposal

2) Infrastructure-roads,  drains etc

3) Future development (SDMC)


Balance available for recreation is only 7.67 acres out of the current 42.67

Sime Darby will swallow 35 acres out of 42.67 acres and leave only 7.67 acres.

Remember:  If this town park is lost to commercial interest, it will be gone foreverDo not give in to this manipulative and unethical commercial interest. We the rakyat have to take our lives back and ensure we leave a Healthy and Sustainable environment for our children and ourselves in our old age.  The power to say NO NO NO is in our hands, so exercise this right of saying “NO WE DON’T WANT ANY NON RECREATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ON OUR SUBANG RIA PARK”.  We must start saying No any unsustainable and unhealthy development in the future in Subang Jaya, Bandar Sunway and USJ.


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