Khamis, 30 Disember 2010

House Breakin

Location: USJ3/2J
We found our our house was broke in last Saturday ( 25 Dec 2010).
The thieve got in from the rear although we have builted up a high wall and locked with iron grill.
They climbed in from the rear and broke our small room's window. They had forced to took out my window iron grill!
Cant imagine! The wall was broken too. But unfortunately, my neighbours didnt heard any noise from the back although she was cooking at the back.

Not only the valuable things were taken, me & my husband also cant sleep well recently and keep thinking the way to improve our house security. guard alarm... etc. we just scare they will come again!

After checked with the neighbours, then only noticed that there
were 5 cases happened at same row during 2 months time!
We went to make the report police and police asked" we can’t know if your neighbours didn’t make a police report. otherwise, we will have more ronda there!".

We immediate went to inform every single house in the same row about our cases and just hope them will pay more high attention on their safety.
Also, we ask them to spread this news to our lovely friends who live in USJ.

Tks& Best regards,

Dear All
Just goes to show how important it is to report all crimes and attempted crime to the Balai Polis. Your Report helps the Polis to direct their resources to crime “hot spots”.

If you don’t report crime, how do you expect the Polis to know that 5 houses were broken into along the same road in 2 months???
Crime prevention is a shared responsibility.

Have a Happy and Healthy 2011