Rabu, 14 Julai 2010

Angel Friends Blogger Award

I'd like to extend my deepest appreciation to TK for this lovely award. You are an angel yourself for always being so thoughtful towards your blogger friends. I am passing this sweet award to the following bloggers and hope with this award we will continue to support each other.

7) Celupar
A recorder of inspirational Islamic stories.A noble effort indeed.

As such I am indeed very grateful to my dear blogger friend, Umihoney, who initiated an effort to listed me under the above award category.

However, this is my reply to her.

Salam Umi,
Thanks indeed for your appreciation on my recorded posting. Earlier it was supposed to be an articles on artists gossip and happening behind the scene of the local entertainment industries. Until friends start sending me these Islamic stories and requested me to share with my readers, then I realized that is something more meaningful to all of us. But anyway I'll still be posting news behind the scene as time required.
Terima kasih Umi, will see you around.

You're very welcome. I look forward to read more great articles from you.Take care and ya I'll be seeing you too :)

Thank you very much Umihoney for the amazing award to me. This will motivate me to put up more good and interesting posting.

Tak sangka pula mulut celupar macam Mak Mah, dapat juga award. Tapi kita mulut celupar...hati baik, kan Mak Mah...!!