Khamis, 2 Disember 2010

Oven Bake Jewelleries

Just want to share this true fairly tale. A family friend of mine staying at SS19, have an Indon maid who completed her term faithfully, also very happy with her employer, was to return back last week after her term.

During her tenture of employment little little gold things like ear-rings/plain rings.lockets of kids missing, the family thought must be placed by the kids somewhere and did not take it seriously.

Just a few days before the maid left she requested the lady of the house permission to bake a cake of her know, to take it to her hometown (Indon), her reason for baking the cake she wants to tell her family greetings from her empolyer. 

So agreed the cake was baked. The day came for her to leave for air-port with max barang barang to take home. In her hurry to air-port after checking in she forgot about the cake, but insisted the employer to go back to SS-19 and bring the cake. The employer explained now it is to late it is impossible and replaced her with a new cake from the air-port and she did not look happy but a slight guilt on the face.

So the family came back home, ok let us cut the cake and eat it. To  their shock they found all the missing gold items fully baked inside. The end.