Selasa, 6 Julai 2010

House Break-In Signage

The USJ 11/3 community in their annually get together activities.

To the fellow residents in USJ Subang Jaya and area surrounding please be aware of new technique being use by the burglars in their attempt before any break-in mission.

This information was email by a resident to the SJ Alert community group to be circulated to the residents to take precaution for any signage that may appear at their homes.

Dear fellow SJ residents,

According to the attached article, burglars uses symbols to plan break-ins....

Please check the external wall of your house for symbols similar to these:
Subject: Fw: Be aware of "sign" - Break In house
To: Dear all,

Attached article is FYI and is extracted from 11th May's Oriental Daily
News (Chinese Press), showing signs used by potential burglars to plan for
house break-ins.

Perhaps you should check if the external wall of your house has similar

+ - : somebody in during day time & nobody @ nite
- + : nobody during day time & somebody in @ nite
¤ : stay alone or tenant
ŸŸŸ : 3 family members
√ : visited (broken in b4)
☆ : target
ó : non-target, safety first

Please be extra cautious upon seeing this signs and please do take an effort to alert the resident's.